What I Ate Wednesday: Breakfast and Leftovers and More

Well, I’m back from Oregon and definitely have jet lag. Totally worth it, though. Luckily I took pictures of practically every single thing I ate during the trip, and this week’s What I Ate Wednesday is still *almost* nothing but things I ate during my trip. Check it out.

What I Ate Wednesday: Big Awesome Breakfast | Orthodox and Vegan
One morning I finally got up early enough to make a wonderful breakfast! I made a VeganEgg omelet filled with Daiya cheddar shreds, pan-fried potatoes with onions and mushrooms smothered in golden gravy, Gimme Lean “sausage” patties, and my now almost-famous Mac n Cheese Stuffed Crescent Rolls with thinly sliced Tofurky sausage (I accidentally bought the reduced fat kind, and it turns out that means they have the exact same ingredients but are smaller, so they could barely contain the cheezy mac!).

What I Ate Wednesday: Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies | Orthodox and Vegan
I whipped up a batch of Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies, which are fairly healthy as far as desserts go.

What I Ate Wednesday: Potato Hash and Avocado Rose | Orthodox and Vegan
Here I repurposed the potatoes and mushrooms from our Big Breakfast by covering them with leftover sauce from our pizza. I added chunks of Miyoko’s VeganMozz and served it with a lovely avocado rose.

What I Ate Wednesday: Freetos and Cheezy Sauce | Orthodox and Vegan
For taco night, I melted down Daiya cheddar shreds with a little almond milk. I LOVE Freetos in my tacos and burritos, and it turns out I also love eating leftover Freetos with leftover cheese sauce. YUM YUM YUM.

What I Ate Wednesday: Sunday Dinner | Orthodox and Vegan
I left Portland Saturday afternoon and arrived in Michigan late that night. Sunday I was already back to my usual routine of teaching Sunday School, going to Liturgy, and then heading over to Tete’s for our family dinner. My dad bought me Tofurky kielbasa in honor of Pulaski Days, although the rest of the meal didn’t really go with the theme: Lemon & garlic asparagus, garlic bread, pan-fried potatoes, and salad. And our customary shot of Southern Comfort, which is also vegan 🙂

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