What I Ate Wednesday: Fried Chick’n, Candy Bars

Welcome to another What I Ate Wednesday! I had a very good week of cooking real meals for myself, got to attend a vegan potluck, and forgot to cancel my Doorganics delivery which means…I have lots of fresh produce I *must* eat 🙂 And so far I’m having fun with it, but I also sneaked in a few snacks because I’m a junk food junkie.

What I Ate Wednesday: Ritter Sport Chocolate Covered Marzipan | Orthodox and Vegan
This Ritter Sport candy bar is actually from a couple weeks ago, but I was bad last week and didn’t post at all. I had to share it because I want the world to know sweet almond paste covered in dark chocolate is wonderful.

What I Ate Wednesday: Tahini Quesadillas | Orthodox and Vegan
I made these oil free quesadillas for a fasting day. Very simple – two corn tortillas with tahini spread on one and refried beans on the other, and thinly sliced onion in the middle. Season if you wish. Just heat them in a skillet over medium low heat on both sides, no oil necessary. I dipped them in a store bought taco sauce.

What I Ate Wednesday: Fried Chick'n & Mashed Potatoes | Orthodox and Vegan
I experimented with vital wheat gluten one day and made these chicken-style cutlets, dredged them in seasoned flour, and pan-fried them. I looked all over for the recipe today and can’t find it – which would’ve been fine because I didn’t like it all that well, but I repurposed the cutlets later in the week and they were delicious. I’ll have to get something together for you all later. (And yes, those are my old school headphones, and yes I do actually write things down with pen and paper!)

What I Ate Wednesday: Ethiopian Combo Platter | Orthodox and Vegan
Friday my mom and I had a very long day, and we decided to end it with the All You Can Eat special at Little Africa, our favorite Ethiopian restaurant. It was all we hoped it would be.

What I Ate Wednesday: Vegan Potluck | Orthodox and Vegan
Sunday I went to a vegan potluck hosted by a rare In Real Life vegan Orthodox friend. I repurposed my cutlets for this occasion by cubing them, and marinating them in Creamy Italian dressing for one day before dredging them in the seasoned flour and pan-frying them. IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER!!! I served the chick’n with faux spanakorizo (I forgot to buy spinach, so it was just rice with onions and a massive amount of dill, with salt, pepper, and a touch of garlic. And a lot of olive oil).
There was also a veggie stirfry, sweet potatoes, and mac n cheez. And plenty of wine. It was a good night.

Doorganics Delivers Organic Produce to Your Door | Orthodox and Vegan
Monday I got my Doorganics delivery. Not too exciting when you see it like this, but…

What I Ate Wednesday: Potato & Mushroom Tacos | Orthodox and Vegan
that night I used some of the potatoes, mushrooms, and fresh garlic to make tacos! They have refried beans smeared on the inside to hold everything together.

What I Ate Wednesday: Braised Carrots with Pasta | Orthodox and Vegan
Last night I braised all the carrots in margarine with a little plain unsweetened almond milk and a sprinkling of salt, and served them (to myself) on a bed of pasta with cabbage. I sauteed the cabbage in olive oil with salt, pepper, garlic, oregano, and basil until it was tender. I added angel hair pasta, and just enough plain unsweetened almond milk to cover it. It thickened up nicely without any added flour.

What I Ate Wednesday: Thumbs Up Candy Bar (Tastes Like Butterfinger!!!) | Orthodox and Vegan
And finally, after dinner I treated myself to the Thumbs Up candy car I bought at Food Fight! Grocery in Portland. You’ll notice the wrapper reads, “crunchy, peanut-buttery” as in Crispety, Crunchety, Peanut Buttery BUTTERFINGER! This is Butterfinger’s slightly smaller, more expensive hipster vegan cousin. Did I mention Butterfinger was my favorite candy bar when I was a kid? Well it was. And Go Max Go makes a bunch of other knock-off candy bars, too – check them out at Vegan Essentials.

What are you guys eating this week? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: Fried Chick’n, Candy Bars

  1. You are so creative! Now I have a few new things to try, like using tahini in quesadillas, using almond milk for a thickener, and that candy bar ~ Butterfinger used to be MY favorite back in the day. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Anything for my biggest fan 🙂 I should point out the almond milk isn’t really what made the sauce thicken, it’s just because I used so little of it, so the starch from the pasta thickened it. It’s a neat trick – you don’t have to drain the pasta, and it makes its own sauce!

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