What I Ate Wednesday: Takeout and Baking

Hello there, friends, and welcome to the latest edition of What I Ate Wednesday! Last week I was very busy baking!!I tried a new recipe, an old family recipe, a just-throw-in-whatever-you-have recipe, and a brand new item from my favorite non-authentic pizzeria. Are you excited to hear more? GREAT. Read on.

Pan Pizza from Papa John's | Orthodox and Vegan
So, Papa John’s started selling pan pizza a few months ago, but they never updated their website’s nutrition guide with the ingredients. I emailed the manager from the local franchise, and last week he was *finally* able to confirm the new crust and sauce are vegan. There was a special going, any two pizzas with three toppings for $20, so I got a pan pizza and a regular XL pizza – that was enough to feed me three times, and I still put two meals’ worth in the freezer! By the way, the sauce on the pan pizza is excellent. I’ll do a guide for ordering vegan at Papa John’s in the near future.

Cabbage & Potato Bake | Orthodox and Vegan
I think I made this on Friday because it’s an oil-free dish. I lined the pan with leaves of cabbage, then filled it with chopped cabbage, onions, fresh garlic, diced potatoes, and chopped mushrooms. I covered it with tahini sauce, and seasoned it with salt and pepper. Then I covered it in foil and baked it until the potatoes were tender, removed the foil and continued baking until it browned. The tahini sauce thickened up and it was creamy and delicious.

St. Demetrios Cake | Orthodox and Vegan
St. Demetrios is special to me, and I wanted to make a special cake for his feast day on October 26. I need to tweak the recipe a little before I share it, but I can tell you it is flavored with lemon and blueberry. It wasn’t bad for the first try, and I think I’ll knock it out next time.

Syrian Bread | Orthodox and Vegan
And I also spent half a day baking Syrian bread with Tete. Since I had only made it once before, about 15 years ago, I had to be more of a watcher than a participant, but I think she might let me touch the dough next time 🙂 It’s actually pretty much the same exact dough recipe I use for spinach pies, the trick is making it into perfectly shaped beautiful loaves that are just the right thickness, and lightly browned on top. Someone requested this recipe two years ago. I’m really sorry it’s taken so long, but if you’re still around, I’ll probably be ready to post it sometime during the Nativity Fast.

What have you guys been eating this week?

4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: Takeout and Baking

  1. It all looks so heavenly! I got a organic cabbage from today’s food delivery. Which means I’m going to make your new cabbage dish tonight. I’m out of tahini so plan to substitute with a cashew sauce.

  2. Stumbled upon your wonderful blog when looking for lent recipes. St. Dimitri is our patron saint and I made traditional Slava Bread today for it. When I became vegetarian and then (mostly)vegan/oil free, I thought–how hard can it be since I’d been fasting for lent and holy days? How wonderful to extend this aspect of my beliefs. It all fits and makes sense. Please keep doing what you do. I appreciate it!

    • Thank you so much, it’s so good to know I’m not alone! I’ll have to look up Slava Bread, we Antiochians don’t do Slavas but I always thought it was a cool tradition.
      Please keep commenting and let me know if there’s anything I can share that might be helpful on your journey – or anything that might be helpful for mine 🙂

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