What I Ate Wednesday: Thanksgiving, Magic Bars!!

We’ve somehow made it through the first two days of the week, and that means it’s time for another What I Ate Wednesday! Are you ready??? This week we get to take a look at my Thanksgiving dinner, and my special dessert…something magical.

What I Ate Wednesday: Thanksgiving Meal | Orthodox and Vegan
My awesome Thanksgiving dinner! Starting from the top, going clockwise:
1. Brussels Sprouts in Balsamic Reduction with Cream Sauce
2. Trader Joe’s Turkey-less Roast (it comes stuffed)
3. Mashed Potatoes with the gravy that came with the TJ roast
4. Homemade Mushroom Stuffing
5. Stuffed Squash En Croute (experimental recipe)
6. Sweet Potatoes
7. Crescent Roll
8. Classic Green Bean Casserole (veganized, of course)

We also had Syrian salad and kalamata olives, but I couldn’t fit them on my plate.

What I Ate Wednesday: Magic Bars | Orthodox and Vegan
For dessert I made something extra special, something I hadn’t had since going vegan about 18 years ago. MAGIC BARS. One of the main ingredients is sweetened condensed milk. It’s definitely something you can make from scratch at home, but I guess I’ve always been too lazy to try. I found condensed coconut milk at Food Fight the last time I was in Portland, but it was more than $5. Then not too long ago I found it at Meijer for about $3, and I broke down and bought it. It’s basically coconut syrup, and it’s so delicious I ate some with a spoon.

Anyway. I borrowed Tete’s recipe (although I used the traditional graham cracker crust because I didn’t have corn flakes, which is what she prefers) and these were super easy to whip up. Recipe coming soon. I had multiple requests to make them again, and I bet you’ll love them, too!

What I Ate Wednesday: Sunday Dinner | Orthodox and Vegan
I didn’t take many other pictures this week because I was mostly eating leftovers (still finishing off those sweet potatoes!), including some leftovers I brought for our Sunday dinner. So, here you can finally see the Syrian salad with kalamata olives (I love wilted salata, but this is a fresh one 🙂 ), and new additions also included roasted red skin potatoes, pan-fried asparagus with lemon, and garlic bread.

What are you guys eating today???

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