Vegan Fast Food & Chain Options

Vegan Fast Food & Chain Options
Often times people are under the impression being vegan will be hardest when going out to eat. This is sometimes true, but these days there are more and more vegan options available, even at fast food restaurants! Not that I want to promote eating fast food on a regular basis, but it’s nice to know these options exist when we’re on the road, or in a hurry. Lucky for you I’m willing to go out and try all this food!! I will update the list of vegan fast food & chain restaurant options every time I try a new place.

If you know where to find vegan at fast food or chain restaurants, or have a question about a certain place, please comment below so I can check it out and add it to our growing list!

Chipotle SOFRITAS, it’s all about the vegan sofritas!

Denny’s America’s favorite diner is now serving a vegan Amy’s Burger, and I’ll tell you how to veganize a few other menu items as well.

Taco Bell Taco Bell is basically the fast food mecca for vegans! I help you veganize 10 items, let you know which 4 sides are already vegan, and give you a list of vegan ingredients and tips so you can veganize pretty much anything else on the menu yourself.

Other Vegan Options
I haven’t done actual reviews for this stuff yet, but here are some other options out there:

Burger King
French Toast Sticks*

Papa John’s
Regular or Pan Crust Pizza, no cheese
Regular Sauce, Pan Sauce, and BBQ Sauce
Plain Breadsticks
Garlic Sauce

White Castle
Veggie Sliders – Sweet Thai is the only vegan sauce option, if you do want sauce.

Didn’t Make the Cut
Sadly, the fries at McDonald’s contain beef fat

*Items may be fried in a fryer shared with meat or dairy