What Do Vegans Eat?

What Do Vegans Eat - Verduras y Tortas at San Chez Bistro in Grand Rapids, MI
Answering the age old question: “What do vegans eat, anyway?” Vegans have hundreds of items in the produce section of the grocery store, legumes, pasta & bread, and we even have many convenience foods, and options at traditional & fast food restaurants. I will be making new lists periodically and adding them to this page. For more inspiration, check out the facebook group What F.A.T. Vegans Eat.

What I Ate Wednesday
Mostly Junk Food
Home Cooking and Whole Foods
Healthy Snacks, and Not So Healthy
Portland Edition
Breakfast and Leftovers and More
Fried Chik’n, Candy Bars
Veggie Burgers, One Pot Pasta, Quesadilla
Basically Beans

What Junk Food Vegans Eat, in honor of International Vegan Junk Food Day (August 29)
5 Health Foods That Are Good For You in response to an article about “health foods” that are not so healthy. Here are a few alternatives!

All-Vegan Grocery Stores!
Food Fight! Grocery Tour an all-vegan grocery store in Portland, OR.

Find Vegan Food Near You
Vegan at Meijer, a grocery chain in the Midwest.
Vegan at Taco Bell
Vegan at Denny’s

For Special Occasions
Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes & Ideas
Vegan Picnic Tea Party